Carl Korpi Wins Match @Cortland wrestling vs Morrisville State 45-6 loss

Cortland wrestling hands Morrisville State 45-6 loss

Yeah! Carl Korpi win's the match and helps keep the team keep there 5-0 undefeated standing.

"Cortland, who remained undefeated at 5-0 with the dual match win, posted five pins in nine weight classes in the match, Stephen Perez (Bronx, NY) in the 149 pound weight class, Kevin Sackett (Webster, NY) at 157, Mike Ciaburri (Palmyra, NY) at 174, Carl Korpi (Miller Place, NY) at 197 and Joe Murphy (St. James, NY) at 285."

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Korpi Husband and wife post holes-in-one just minutes apart


One of the featured Korpi's on this site, Norman, told me about quite an extra-ordinary pair of golferns in his parents who remarkably sunk holes-in-one just minutes apart! Breaking the world record!!

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Korpi's World - Kevin Korpi - Math Teacher

Kevin Korpi is a Math Teacher from Texas that has a very cool site simply called Korpi's World!

Check it out!

Diana Korpi - Artist

Diana Korpi is an artist from Bothell, WA - United States. Check out her paintings here - Fine Arts by Diana Korpi

Korpi - Rock, Grunge, Blues

Korpi is a band based on Long Island from Millerplace and they have 1 song posted on there MySpace page that is pretty good, give it a listen here - See the Korpi MySpace Profile/

Mary Korpi - Author

Mary Korpi is an accomplished author that has written the book for parents who have children with special needs simply titled - "Guiding Your Teenage with Special Needs through the Transition from School to Adult Life" - she worked for years at Helen Keller with the blind and deaf, and knows how to sign well. She also is an counselor with Boces School District in New York.

Read her blog here:
Mary Korpi's Book Blog

Janne Korpi - Snowboarder

Janne Korpi is a professional snowboarder from Finland, and this guy really knows how to shred some snow, check out this video of him doing a 1080 - 1080 Snowboarding Video - Smart Electronics

Korpi Biz is a Finish based company and builds and sells Smart Electronics. Check out there site for more info - Homepage

Korpi Black - Finnish Granite Rock

Korpi Black is a Finnish Granite Rock as you can see it here - Korpi Granite Rock Page

Julia Korpi - Real Estate Agent

Julia Korpi is a Real Estate agent in California work for Prudential.

Julie Korpi's Web-site

Dr. Michael Korpi - Professor & Director

Dr. Michael Korpi is a professor and director of the Film & Digital Media Division at Baylor University, a Senior Research Fellow at the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, and a member of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers.

Read More:
Dr. Korpi's Web-site

Diana Korpi - Singer

Diana Korpi is a Singer from Minnesota and you can listen to her songs on her MySpace page. Click Here.

Cathy Korpi - Singer

Cathy Korpi is a Canadian musician that is growing with popularity. Check her music out here - Cathy Korpi's Web-site

Joni Korpi - Web Enthusiast

Joni Korpi is a "Web Enthusiast" from the Southern portion of the Northern frozen sections of Finland (paraphrased from the site) - Joni Korpi's Web-site

Walter Korpi - Author

Walter Korpi is the author of "The Working Class in Welfare Capitalism - Work Unions and Politics in Sweden" he is an accomplished author as well as an editor and professor in Sweden.

Author - read his book on google books
Professor -
Editor -

Korpi Ensemble - Finnish Band

The Korpi Ensemble is a great Finnish Band with a very relaxing sound, that can mesermize any one that takes a listen. Feel free to listen for free at Last.FM - Listen to the Korpi Ensemble on LastFM

Richard Korpi - Ice Rink

Richard Korpi has his very own Korpi Ice Rink in Bayonne New Jersey!

Check it out - Korpi Ice Rink

Wade Korpi - Baseball Player - Pitcher

Wade Korpi is a College Baseball Pitcher for Notre Dame. He has a few videos online of a 100mph fast ball nailing him right in the head, and from what I hear the footage is brutal. You can watch a clip of it on youtube - Wow that looked like it hurt!

Read his full Player Bio of Wade Korpi here - Read Full Player Bio

Fernando Korpi - Fashion Designer

Fernando Korpi is an established Fashion Designer in Finland. He creates original pieces of clothing and sells them to men throughout Finland. You can view his works at his site Fernando Korpi's Web-site

Here is his own words:
"At the moment Fernando Korpi designs and
manufactures high-quality sweatshirts for men in Finland.


The designer gets inspiration from colors, art, travelling,
different cultures, videogames and fashion history."

Lisa Korpi - Real Estate Agent

Lisa Korpi is an established Real Estate agent in the Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana area. She has a pretty cool site that lists the homes she has for sale at - Lisa Korpi's Web-site

Looks like she sells some pretty nice tropical southern homes with a Spanish design element. Check them out!

Norman Korpi - Artist, Photographer & Actor

Norman Korpi is a former MTV Real World cast member and is also a well established Director Artist, and some of his works are available on his site at Norman Korpi's Web-site

He is a contemporary painter that tends to paint out of focus real world images, and looks to be quite successful, with his gallery's as well. He is also a Photographer, and in various Film and Television shows. Check out his site for more details.

Tuomas Korpi - Artist

Tuomas Korpi is an amazing artist and he has a very cool site. I really like the design, and all of his art work is really quite amazing, and awe-inspiring! He has paintings, illustrations, and sketches all of them available for your viewing pleasure at -Tuomas Korpi's Web-site

Check them out, promise you will not be disappointed!

Kiira Korpi - Figure Skater

For those of you that are not familiar with Kiira Korpi she is an Olympic Ice Skater that has won many medals in Finland, and European competitions. You can see all of her Medal Winnings at - - she is a world class ice skater.

Her father Rauno Korpi, coached the Finnish women's hockey team to a bronze medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics also.

Read more about her at her un-official fan site - Kiira Korpi's Un-official Fan Site

Jim Korpi - Photographer

Here is one of the first Korpi sites that I found while I was Googling Korpi. This is a really cool photography site that is all Flash and very futuristic but simple design. I really like it and it is really cool since he takes such great pictures.

He also has a blog and a store for selling his photographs.

check his sites out
Jim Korpi's Web-sites

Kyle Korpi - Web Entrepreneur

Hey fellow Korpi's and other visitors alike, and WELCOME to a blog about Korpi's by a Korpi.

This is the first post so I figured where else would be the best place to start but on my site. Over the past 5 months I purchased the site domain - Kyle Korpi's Web-site and linked together all of the other sites I have built to all be at one convenient spot for me to show friends and family, as well as the random internet user.

Here is a picture and link to my main profile site at Kyle Korpi's Web-site (format for the blog) and a list of all the other sites I have built to date. I probably wont be updating this, so check Kyle Korpi's Web-site for updates to see what sites I am working on now.